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Things to remember before buying a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Buying a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for your home can be a pretty challenging task. It can be such a hassle to decide what type of robot cleaner you want, which is the best suitable product for your home which also comes at an easy budget?

Moreover, it can be a mind-boggling process to go through so many product recommendations, reviews, you tube videos and many more. Quite a few times, not many of us are not well aware about the gadgets we want to buy. And again, since there are so many options out there, it can get very overwhelming to reach a conclusion.

But, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because we have curated a list of checkboxes for you that you need to check before buying a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Following are a few suggestions:

1. Battery Power:

A good battery power will ensure a good run-time. The batteries can vary from 2600mAh, 3000mAh to 3200mAh. More the battery power, better the working time.

A typical 2600mAh can give a good 90-120 mins of working time. 3000mAh can give around 120-140 mins and 3200mAh can give you around 120-160 of working time. A product’s battery consumption also depends on the technology that supports the product. Better the technology, more the power consumption. Also, battery consumption may also vary due to the simultaneous function such as the wi-fi connection to the product.

2. Suction power:

 Suction power can be divided into 3 modes:

        i) Low Suction (Baby Mode).

        ii) Medium Suction.

        iii) High Suction.

i) Low Suction (Baby Mode): In this mode, the suction power ranges around 800pa. It is called Baby Mode because it makes minimum noise and it cleans the home quietly.

ii) Medium Suction: In the medium suction mode, the suction power ranges from 1800-1900pa. Medium suction mode is preferred as an ideal mode as the robot cleans the house using efficient power and suction. Especially for a big home, medium suction mode does the work proficiently.

iii) High Suction: In this mode, the suction power ranges around 3000pa. High suction mode tends to clean even the micro particles and pet hair efficiently. The only drawback of this mode is that the robot will drain its power easily.

3. Technology:  Mainly there are 3 types of technology used in a robotic vacuum cleaner:

          a) VSlam

          b) LiDAR

          c) Gyroscope.

a) Vslam: Vslam stands for Visual simultaneous localization and mapping. You can opt for Vslam if you have a small home, with less obstacles. The advantage of Vslam is that it consumes less power, hence resulting into long lasting performance.

b) LiDAR: LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. Lidar has an impressive obstacle management which works accurately even after setting a virtual wall or a no cleaning zone. LiDAR would be an apt choice for a bigger home with more obstacles. The only drawback of having LiDAR based robot is that it tends to consume more power because of the remote sensing technology.

c) Gyroscope: Gyroscope works well for a medium sized home with minimal obstacles. Gyroscope consumes the battery efficiently and provides good battery backup. Gyroscope is a primary and low-end technology.

4. Good Customer Service: Quite often, your product may face a technical issue. Now the problem isn’t that you have faced a problem. The main issue lies when you aren’t provided a good after sales service. Make sure you choose a brand who provides a good customer experience.

That’s all folks. Hope this list helps you and hope you have a good buying experience. Feel free to comment below if you have any more suggestion. Thanks for reading 🙂  

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