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M24H: Water Heater



Introducing M24H– the 3L Storm Geyser, a reliable and efficient water heating solution for your home. With a robust 5-star ISI certification, this geyser boasts a water capacity ranging from 2.92ml to 2.98ml, ensuring an ample supply of hot water. Operating at a powerful 8 Bar pressure, its 3 KW heating element delivers swift heating in just 2.5-3 minutes, providing instant comfort. The M24H guarantees top-notch temperature control, maintaining a warm 65 to 75 °C range. With a user-friendly design and 230V voltage compatibility, the 3L Storm Geyser is your go-to choice for a quick, efficient, and safe hot water solution.

  • 3L Storm Geyser
  • 5 Star Rated –  No
  • Isi Certificate – Yes 
  • Water Capacity – 2.92ml to 2.98 ml
  • Pressure Bar – 8 Bar  
  • Element Watt – 3 KW
  • Thermostat Quality – Dasspass make 
  • Heating  Time – 2.5 -3 min
  • Voltage – 230 V
  • Temperature Degree – 65 to 75 °C
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