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An image demonstrating the self-charging capabilities of a robotic vacuum cleaner, where the vacuum automatically returns to its charging dock for recharging when the battery is low.
An image demonstrating the self-charging capabilities of a robotic vacuum cleaner, where the vacuum automatically returns to its charging dock for recharging when the battery is low.

Turbo Dynamic 1.0 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

(5 customer reviews)

Original price was: ₹52,900.00.Current price is: ₹36,890.00.

Introducing our cutting-edge Turbo Dynamic 1.0 automatic vacuum cleaner equipped with an innovative auto dust collector. This sleek and efficient device seamlessly navigates your home, intelligently mapping out its cleaning path while swiftly removing dust, dirt, and debris. With its advanced technology, this robot not only vacuums but also autonomously empties its dustbin into a designated collector, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

Note: This product is available for pre-order. Delivery will begin in the first week of August.

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Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot: Turbo Dynamic 1.0, Your Cleaning Companion

Introducing Turbo Dynamic 1.0 the revolutionary Automatic Vacuum Cleaner:

  1. Unmatched Suction Power: The Turbo Dynamic 1.0 is a powerful automatic vacuum cleaner robot with 5000 Pa suction power, perfect for all floor types, effortlessly ensuring a spotless home by eliminating annoying dust particles.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: Equipped with LiDAR 2.0 Technology, this automatic robot ensures precise cleaning with an impressive object detection.
  3. Long-lasting Battery: Powered by a 6200mAh battery, the Turbo Dynamic 1.0 offers an extended runtime of 140 to 220 minutes, covering 2000 to 3000 square feet on a single charge.
  4. Smart Control at Your Fingertips: You can easily schedule and control cleaning sessions from anywhere using the Smart Life App, Alexa, or Google Assistant. Enjoy cleaning with just a few taps on your phone.
  5. Whisper-Quiet Operation: Designed for quiet operation, the Turbo Dynamic 1.0 ensures minimal disturbance, making it ideal for homes with pets, sleeping babies, or working adults. Enjoy a peaceful environment while automatic vacuum cleaner works.
  6. Intelligent Cleaning Features: With automatic recharging, resume cleaning, and the ability to save multiple maps for efficient cleaning across different floors or sections of your home, this automatic cleaner makes your life much easier.
  7. Advanced Features: From scheduled cleaning and spot cleaning to no-go zones and more, this automatic vacuum cleaner robot offers a variety of additional features to cater to all your cleaning needs.
  8. Exceptional Warranty Coverage: Rest assured with a 10-year suction motor warranty and a 12-month product warranty included with the Turbo Dynamic 1.0 automatic vacuum cleaner.
  9. Auto Dust Collector: Equipped with an Auto-Empty Station featuring a replaceable dust bag, the Turbo Dynamic 1.0 can hold over 5 weeks’ worth of debris. Its self-emptying feature, boasting 26000Pa dust-collection technology, ensures quick and efficient disposal of dust in just 15 seconds. Plus, the auto-seal design of the dust bag ensures mess containment, making maintenance easy.

Step into the future of cleaning with the Turbo Dynamic 1.0 automatic vacuum cleaner. Effortless, efficient, and effective – it’s everything you need for a clean home environment.

5 reviews for Turbo Dynamic 1.0 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Manali Deshpande

    This vacuum cleaner is strong It clean all dirt.

  2. simran saxena

    Very good Cleaning and also clean with wash and dry to all of home area.
    Full of mind use a robot to know how to clean area.
    Very easy to use and save time

  3. Abhishek Shukla

    I had thought that these ROBO vacuums weren’t for proper or serious cleaning but were equivalent to toys for early tech adapters. That is certainly not the case anymore. This is a great device. Although it costs a lot, it takes the responsibility of cleaning floors completely on itself. The base station is the main star here with auto cleaning of mop pads, auto emptying dust and taking care of dirty and clean water.

  4. Rasika Muley

    strong vacuum and Long lasting battery, more than 1.5 hrs runtime in one charge.

  5. Aniket Gaikwad

    I have purchased this product is last month I’m very satisfied with this product speciaclly with vaccum power and features of product like schedule cleaning.

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