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Smart Modes
LiDar 2.0

MecTURING’s Laseron S9 Pro Plus

(17 customer reviews)


LASERON S9 PRO PLUS is an intelligent robot cleaner that uses LiDAR 2.0 to deep clean homes of all sizes. You can now clean your entire house in one go, thanks to the Eco-Drive Technology that has an efficient battery life of 90-150 mins of run-time.
  • LiDAR 2.0 Navigation Technology
  • Can save up to 5 maps
  • Suction Power 3200Pa
  • Floating Mop | Floating Brush | S shape Mopping | Y shape Mopping
  • Anti-Falling | Anti Collision | Anti Tangling
  • 3 in 1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • 90- 150 min Runtime

Dispatch starts from 8th October 2023

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long lasting battery

3200 pa strong suction





Smart Modes

LiDar 2.0

17 reviews for MecTURING’s Laseron S9 Pro Plus

  1. Samrat Saxena

    Excellent vacuuming & mopping. Satisfied with the product.

  2. Ashok Yadav (verified owner)

    Great product.

  3. Sikandar sharma

    Since 2 month i am using this product. Its working excellent & performance is also good

  4. Shravani Deshmukh

    “I absolutely love my robotic vacuum cleaner! It has made my life so much easier and my floors have never been cleaner. The navigation system is impressive, and it effortlessly glides around furniture and corners. It picks up dust, pet hair, and debris effectively, leaving my floors spotless. The scheduling feature is convenient, allowing me to set it to clean while I’m at work. Highly recommended!”

  5. Manali Donde

    “This robotic vacuum cleaner is a game-changer for maintaining a tidy home. It does a great job of picking up dirt and crumbs from hard floors and low-pile carpets. The remote control makes it easy to direct the cleaner to specific areas. Occasionally, it gets stuck on rugs or cords, but overall, it saves me time and effort. Good value for the price!”

  6. Sonali dixit

    “I’m amazed at how efficient and smart this robotic vacuum cleaner is! It effortlessly navigates through my cluttered home and quickly adapts to different floor surfaces. The app connectivity is fantastic, allowing me to monitor its progress and even control it remotely. The cleaning performance is outstanding, and the dustbin is easy to empty. It’s a fantastic time-saver, and I can’t imagine life without it!”

  7. Chetan Patil

    The suction power is impressive, and it handles pet hair and large debris effortlessly. The mapping and room selection feature work well. Overall, it’s a helpful and efficient robot mop.”

  8. Roshan Pagar

    It cleans decently on hard floors and low-pile carpets. The remote control & mobile app is user-friendly. Good product.

  9. Radhika Hire

    The LiDAR 2.0 obstacle detection is impressive, preventing collisions with objects and pets. The cleaning performance on all surfaces is exceptional. Worth every penny!”

  10. Dipak Chaudhary

    It navigates well, picks up dirt, and handles pet hair effectively. The app connectivity is convenient. Overall, a reliable and affordable choice.”

  11. Radha Patankar

    I recently purchased S9 Pro + and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations! This little gadget has made my life so much easier and my home cleaner than ever before. Amazing features and service. Definitely recommend this product.

  12. Anu Pillai

    It’s super good, quiet, and cleans reasonably well on hard floors and low-pile carpets. The app is straightforward.It’s a solid performer for small to medium-sized homes and pet owners.”

  13. Aishwarya Pillai

    I’m delighted with my S9 Pro+. It saves me time, keeps my home tidy, and brings a smile to my face every time it glides effortlessly across the floor. If you’re looking to simplify your cleaning routine and have a consistently clean home, I highly recommend investing in a this product.

  14. Raju shetty

    The LiDAR 2.0 obstacle detection is impressive and prevents collisions with my pets and objects. It’s super efficient on all surfaces, and the app is feature-rich and easy to use. Though it’s pricier, the advanced technology and excellent cleaning performance are worth it.”

  15. Arjun Prabhu

    As a pet owner, keeping my home clean was a constant battle. But with the help of Laseron S9 Pro +, I’ve won the war against pet hair! This little wonder picks up even the tiniest furballs, leaving my floors immaculate. Now, I can relax with my furry friends without worrying about cleaning up after them. Please do not hesitate to buy this product


    Very good reliable and efficient product for Indian condition. Efficient cleaning,company respond well and rectify all problems.Spares are supplied by this Indian company.Dont buy higher end machine,without hesitation buy s9 pro plus.

  17. Durgadas Kamath

    Using this product from last 2 months and it has been doing great.
    Had some issues with the mopping device but the support team was helpful and sent out a replacement.
    It has been doing sweeping and mopping regularly and it has saved a lot of effort and the surrounding is as clean as it could be.

    Great product guys. Keep innovating.

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