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Need your home to look clean as new? And you are too tired to clean it everyday? We have the perfect solution: hire us and our robots to clean your house to make it as good as new. Our products are intelligent with sensors to clean your home thoroughly, be it dry or wet cleaning.
We also offer a warranty of 1.5 years + 1.5 years. Our intelligent robots have many functions like auto-charging, resume cleaning, anti fall , anti tangling and anti collision are some of the examples.


  • Our aim is to bring the future of cleaning to your door steps so that you can stay in a home or out which is as always clean and all that without having to get tired.
  • Traditional cleaning has stayed with us for a long long time and though most aspects of life have been completely turned around with the enhancement of technology. Cleaning has stayed where it is.
  • Our goal is the introduction of technology in home cleaning. It will grow further and more innovations will be uncovered.
  • Ours is a finished product capable of keeping your home clean at all times without you having to do vigorous cleaning. Our device will do it for you and all you have to do is control it using voice commands or using your smartphone.
  • We aim to help you keep your homes clean even when you do not have time to do the cleaning or even when you are not around with scheduled cleaning controlled by you through WIFI using your smartphones


  • AI powered object detection , 2D mapping system and voice controlled through smartphone.
  • These robots can be connected to Wi-Fi and you can control them using your smartphone to start, stop , resume or schedule a cleaning.
  • With quick ability to change its height no surface is a problem for our robots. It can clean all types of surface and will detect the change in height if there is a rug on the surface or any other item. It will change its height so no surface is a problem for our robot. It will smoothly transition between a rug , floor , tiles , carpet or any other surface.
  • Wood floor, tiles floor, marble floor, short plush carpet can all be cleaned using these robots to name a few, MecTuring A3-TARR Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is applicable to work on every surface. Moreover, it has an electrically controlled water tank that makes it easier to automatically clean the home.

MecTuring always thinks about its customers by making their life easier and comfortable. With the use of AI, they have finally reached their upcoming milestone, i.e. developing smarter products. Modernization has hit all aspects of life, all the things we did be it cooking , building, work etc. has all been influenced by modern technology. Now Modernization has hit cleaning and the future of cleaning is here.
With a small robot, i.e. MecTuring A3-TARR Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with amazing features you can clean your whole house without having to break a sweat using our product. Other milestones that the company has overcome is the ability to use voice commands and Wi-Fi to control the device makes it ideal for the fast pace to today everyday life. You can even make a schedule for the robot to clean when you are not around by using simple commands.
Contact us to get your hands on the latest cleaning available. Visit our website to know more about our products features.

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