MecTURING LASERON S9 – LiDAR Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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LASERON S9 Give your home an intense deep clean ahead with 3000Pa strongest suction Power.
  • LiDAR 2.0 Based
  • Strong Suctions Power
  • 18 Cleaning modes
  • Anti-falling, Anti-collision, Anti-tangling
  • 3 In 1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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LASERON S9 is 3 In 1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner which can vacuum + Mop + Dry Clean. LiDAR 2.0 Based robot vacuum works with an upgraded multi-map SLAM algorithm for real-time mapping, faster speed, higher accuracy, and longer scanning range. This Home Cleaning Robot is Specially designed for the Indian home cleaning ecosystem, Z-Pattern helps in cleaning large areas with efficient battery usage. Y-Pattern simulate the manual mopping effect with dual direction repeated wiping for an intense deep clean.

Rated Suction Power 3000 Pa
Navigation LiDAR 2.0
Power Consumption 30 W
Voltage 14.4 v
Maximum Sound Level 66 dB
Capacity Dustbin  600 ml
Capacity Water tank 350ml +250 ml
Cleaning Function Mop + Vacuum, Mop Only, Vacuum + Sweep 
Operation Modes Remote control, Smartphone, Voice control
No. Of Maps saved 5 Maps (Multi-floor)
Working area 2000 Square feet
Working Time 100-130 min
Virtual Walls YES
Room Management YES
Y And Z Shaped Cleaning YES
Area/ Room Select Mode YES
Cleaning Logs YES
Automatic Charging YES
Resume cleaning, YES
Schedule Cleaning YES
Surface Recommendation Hard Floor, Tiles, Carpet
Color Smoke Black
Item Weight 4 kg 500 gram
Components Include 1 Main Unit, 1 Adapter, 1 Charging station, 1 Dust Tank, 1 Water Tank, 1 Cleaning brush, User Manual, Warranty card
Item Dimensions  31.5 x 31.5 x 9.5 Centimeters

21 reviews for MecTURING LASERON S9 – LiDAR Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Shyamraut2056

    Pre ordered..eagerly waiting

  2. Madhu Biswas

    Can it do Z shape mopping?

  3. Bala S

    Please provide side by side comparison between different Vac cleaners.
    Provide user manual in pdf to make more informed decision .
    differences between model A and S series .
    Seems several generations of Alexa are available in market . please indicate the specific model.
    Does these cleaners have facility to update firmware over the air ?
    thanks in advance

  4. VINOD K V

    Dear Sir,
    Thank You, and this model has good reviews though few. What model of Alexa does this support? What is the required time o delivery to Kerala on Pre-ordering this item? My email is

  5. VINOD K V

    Good to see a Made in India product comparable with Viomi SE and Mi Root vacuum. What is the time required for delivery to Kerala if I pre-order this item? What version of Alexa is supported by this? There is no picture of the remote control;. Where are the service centres located in Kerala?

  6. Atul Thakur

    Received product before 3 days and working fine , I appreciate the efforts taken by brand. Suggesting to give some extra spares with machine.

  7. Riya Jain

    Good product and nice service.
    Giving 4 starts for scope of improvement for 1 star.

  8. Sonam tullu

    Delivery almost delayed by 10 days, product is good.

  9. Namdev ahirrao, pune

    I need battery back up of 4 hours, suggest me a good product. This product only works for 120 mins

  10. Rohit Kapoor

    As I got a review coupon! With 30% off on spare parts, here is my opinion and review for this product .
    1. Very polite people for service
    2. Good for dust cleaning.
    3.mopping is average.
    4. Battery is sufficient.
    5. Map is excellent.
    6. Delivery time is high
    7. Brush quality is not so good.
    8. Suction is perfect .

    Thank you!

  11. Omkar Aware

    Good technology marvel

  12. Anish Desai

    Really good Product.
    Excellent make in India for all of us.
    Sweeps and mops really very well.
    Excellent Customer Support and assistance by Mcturing team.

  13. Kish

    Actually a 0 star is what I wanted to give. But can’t due to limitation in the review mechanism. Review is not actually based on product performance. But due to unethical way company runs business. Product itself is good: 3 star out of 5.

    However, I was misguided by sales team into pre-booking the product who said that the price would increase post actual launch. However, post launch the product price decreased. They charged INR 3,800 more to me than the actual selling price. I regret the purchase and trusting this company. Now they are beating around the bush, asking me to contact different departments and trying to avoid discussion on this topic.

  14. Pushpa C Gandhi

    Yet to order as specification not available at this website mean diameter Hight weight etc.,.,.,.,.

  15. Kiran

    What was the warranty period for s9?

  16. Sridevi (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Value for money. Using it from past one week, yet to explore all the features.
    Y shaped mopping is very effective.

  17. Sajja Omprakash

    Please send me service center address in Andhra Pradesh

  18. Krishna

    Please provide the specifications and feature of S9 pro. I am planning to buy the product but before buying the product,i want to understand the difference between S9 and S9 pro.
    Does your products allow to update the software in case of any bugs in software.


  19. Prasanna Holla

    Product is fantastic. Working without human intervention. Just switch ON and forget. It does dust absorption. After dust cleaning change to mop mode. It does very good mopping too. Support staff is very polite and respond positively.
    Proud to say that very good Indian product. We need to buy such products and encourage them.

  20. Prasanna Holla

    Product is fantastic. Working without human intervention. Just switch ON and forget. It does dust absorption. After dust cleaning change to mop mode. It does very good mopping too. Support staff is very polite and respond positively.
    Proud to say that very good Indian product. We need to buy such products and encourage them.

  21. Ash

    Any machine having moving parts needs service at regular intervals, truer if the whole machine is moving.
    I was searching for a Robovac which has a good service reputation.
    For Mc Turing Laseron S9 Pro I did not find any negative review regarding after-sale service. And later on, I experienced it too.

    The next point in favour of my purchase decision was it was an Indian Product.

    Technical parameters were best at the offered price.
    In my view, the Suction power of a robovac is the most important parameter. Laseron S9 Pro is having great suction power. Many other imported machines at double the price were having less suction power than S9.

    Although battery capacity is important for any battery-operated machine, it is less so for any machine having a fully automatic function and automatic recharging feature.
    During the first use, it took 95 minutes for the first time mapping and sweeping function and consumed 79 % of battery capacity for my 2500 sq feet floor with lots of furniture.
    It rotates around every leg of all furniture during cleaning and consumes more time and energy. Considering this I rearranged all the scattered furniture and now for last two days it completes sweeping and mopping together in 80 to 85 minutes using only 50 to 55 % of battery capacity.

    In a dusty area, it is better to do sweeping before mopping. My area is having good air quality, thus to save time every day, I was looking for a product which can do both sweeping and mopping simultaneously. During the first use, I used the Sweep only feature but after that, I am using both simultaneously.

    Even if someone wants to mope only, it gives better results when the front part is sweeping just before the back part of the machine mops simultaneously. Except for the consumption of battery power to run the sweeping vacuum, there is no negative in using combo mode.

    Sweeping has three modes. At low mode, it makes very less noise, just a humming sound except when it engulfs a bit of paper.
    I prefer to use medium mode during early morning work to get more sound to alert walking parents and running kids about its presence to avoid a collision.
    Moping water flow has three modes, in this early winter low mode is sufficient and the floor dries up almost within a couple of minutes after moping one area.
    Once I used high water flow mode to see the result, it was working fine until it was near the shoe rack where it moved around the four legs, multiple times in one small area, machines started crying that the Laser head got stuck which was free but it was the waterlogged mop cloth which was adhered to the Marble floor and needed very high drag force. I removed and reattached it after squeezing out the excess water and changed the mode to low and the machine started working nicely. The high water flow mode will be useful during the summer months.

    My Parents wanted that Pooja’s room must be cleaned first, and my wife wanted that it should finish the cleaning of the Kitchen before she enters there and the Kids’ room before they get up in the morning. There is a facility to schedule the work and arrange the room cleaning order.
    S9 Pro gets up at 0500AM, goes to Pooja Room and then to the kitchen and next is the kid’s room. When the Parents go to Pooja room in the morning at that time it cleans Parent’s room. It made our life comfortable and I never saw this level of the clean floor after routine cleaning.
    Intended to use it on Deepawali I ordered it during Navratri. Shree Maruti Courier took almost 10 days. The packaging was good.
    The machine was working properly but the charging dock was not providing current. I explained this to the after-sale service team, and they demanded the video on WhatsApp and after watching it promptly decided to send the new replacement.
    I wanted that they should send only the charging dock as it will cost them less courier charge but they sent the complete set without waiting for the collection of the first set. This gesture of resolving the problem promptly, and more than what I expected, compelled me to write down a detailed review.

    The next shipment arrived on the day of Dhanteras, that day it is tradition to buy brooms and I received an auto broom and mop.

    One suggestion for the manufacturer, they should provide one direct charging port in the machine itself. So that whenever the charging dock is non-functional we can charge the machine manually as we charge the smartphone, till the charging dock is repaired/replaced.

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